New season, (more) new makeup from Chanel

Oops, I did it again… I went to the mall with the sole intention of returning a jacket that I really didn’t need. (I do live in Florida, after all.) Then wouldn’t you know, as I was passing the Chanel counter I recalled jotting down a lipstick shade called “La Diva” (how apropos) so I decided to see if they had it. Alas, they did—and it’s the perfect matte addition to my hot pink collection—but I didn’t stop there.

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with gold eyeshadow lately (further proof here), and the sparkly Illusion d’Ombre in “Vision” cream eyeshadow essentially called my name. (This photo makes it look yellow, but trust me, it’s GOLD.) I basically grilled the woman who was helping me, repeatedly asking if the color actually stays put—and she assured me it did. Over and over.

I took this lovely shade for its maiden voyage today, and after 5 hours of wear, it’s all still there. (Woo hoo!) At first I tried applying it with the cute little brush that came in the box, but it wasn’t big enough so I switched to my finger. (The brush will be perfect for using this cream shadow as eyeliner, which I’m planning on trying Saturday night.) The formula blends so well, but I actually found my finger to be too imprecise, so next time I’ll try a flat concealer brush, which the salesperson recommended. 

In a nutshell, it’s rare to find a cream shadow with staying power that’s this intense and easy to blend. My wish for gilded lids has been fulfilled, and now I’m thinking about which shade I should get next…

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