New self-tanning essentials you'll need well beyond summer

Honestly, I don’t understand people who only self-tan during the summer. You’d think more of us would go for a faux glow in winter, considering skin barely sees the light of day. Sure, living in Florida allows me to show skin pretty much the entire year, and I enjoy a beautifully bronzed body and face regardless of season (and I’m certainly not going to derail my anti-aging efforts with a real tan). Although summer may be coming to a close, anyone who’s serious about self-tanning will want to get the latest James Read products pronto.

Don’t you hate it when you want your face to be tan, but you don’t have the 6 to 8 hours for it to develop? Well those days are over thanks to James’ brilliant Express Mask Tan. No joke, apply this hydrating lotion, wash it off after 30 minutes, and bask in your golden glow. Want to be even darker? Leave it on for 60 minutes and you just might fall over (in a good way) when you look in the mirror. But don’t worry about leaving it on too long… I’ve left the stuff on all day without having an issue.

James hasn’t forgotten about your body… For those of us who enjoy fake tanning from the neck down—but don’t have the time or energy for a lot of upkeep—the Tan Maximiser has your back (and front). Suitable for both fake and real tans (as well as the face and body), this gel speeds up the tanning process, promotes deeper color and considerably increases your color’s hangtime. It also hydrates, firms and improves the overall look and feel for your skin, so what are you waiting for?

So tell the truth… Do you self-tan beyond summer?