This pre-tanning product extends the life of your faux glow

Self-tanning season is heating up, so it’s time to ready the faux-glow arsenal. But before you start slathering on the mousses, lotions and gels, I’d consider restocking for spring 2015… These products can go bad, especially if they’ve been hanging out in your bathroom since last summer. On the tanner front, I’ve been trying to find the new Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse, but it continues to evade me. (Don’t worry, I’ll find it.)

This year, I’m stepping up my self-tanning game with a little help from James Read. I had the pleasure of meeting James himself when I was in London for Bronze Buffer’s U.K. launch last year, and as far as self-tanning products go, this range can’t be beat. I love every product I’ve tried and trust me, I’ve tried many. (And James happens to be one of the nicest blokes I met while abroad.)

I couldn’t be more excited that the James Read line has found a home at Sephora, so now everyone can get the Tan Maximiser—and this product changes everything. Simply apply like body lotion before or after self-tanner, and this skin-firming formulation speeds up the tanning process and promotes deeper, more even color. With ingredients like hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-aging vitamin E and algae extract, and an active botanical blend of monk’s pepper and acetyl tyrosine to help your tan stick around longer, it’s a multitasker that improves the look and feel of your skin.

Although I don’t condone basking in the sun, this product is great for those who opt for a natural tan as well. James suggests using it daily for seven days before a beach vacation to get your melanin prepped and primed for maximum color! I’ve already set a reminder in my phone for before my trip to Jamaica in June…

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