One of my most beloved fragrances is back!

I’m on the hunt for a bigger perfume tray, because I keep finding new fragrances to add to my collection. The latest addition to my wishlist is Helmut Lang’s recently relaunched Eau de Parfum, because this scent instantly transports me back to New York City and my super-fun 20s. This blend of lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, musk and amber reminds me of that summery Coppertone scent—so at least I can put off this purchase for a few months.

To give you an idea of just how much I loved this perfume, I actually attempted to have it recreated by one of those companies that clones discontinued scents. Unfortunately the dupe didn’t come close, but they had a money back guarantee so I wasn’t out any money.

The last time I owned this scent it was a great way for me to partake in the Helmut Lang lifestyle despite not having the means to indulge in their amazing tees or blazers. Fifteen years later I’m pretty psyched for this perfume to be part of my life again, and it will go so great with my Helmut Lang cropped tuxedo jacket!

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