This headband takes the pain out of the grow-out phase

For the past six months, I have been diligently sticking to 8-week trims in an effort to grow out an almost-pixie haircut. And it hasn’t been easy. At my last trim about a month ago, I was FINALLY able to walk out with somewhat of a style, but let’s just say this so-called style required purchasing a curling iron and a slew of products in order to recreate the illusion myself. In retrospect, I could have saved myself about $200 if I had just bought this amazing headband for $24, and I might have to run out and purchase as soon as I’m done posting this.

With leather, crystals and gunmetal chain, this accessory would feel equally as at home on my wrist as it WILL on my head. But wait… It’s also adjustable for those of you who get those dreaded headband headaches (believe me, I know). It also comes in a lovely box so it won’t get tangled or lost in the bottom of one of your bins—AND there’s an instruction card to help make this hair cheat even easier.

This headband’s only shortcoming is that it doesn’t have the power to camouflage my roots, but with all that sparkle and style, I don’t think anyone will be looking!

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