Washing your face just got a lot more fun (and better for your skin)

It’s fair to say I’m more into probiotics than most, simply because these happy little “good” bacteria have been key for making my stomach a lot less irritable. The relief from my stomach issues was just the beginning, and I saw the skin benefits with my own eyes after trying TULA. I’m a total convert now, and not a day goes by without treating my body to probiotics both inside and out.

I’m by no means claiming to have discovered the next trend in beauty, as probiotic skincare has been around for a while. NUDE Skincare was among the first lines to infuse their products with “good” bacteria in an effort to maintain balance on the skin, and I distinctly recall falling for the brand when it first launched many moons ago. Well, NUDE is still going strong, and I’m pretty excited about their latest cleanser offering, Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash (because every word in its name appeals to me).

Before I even get to the wonderful roster of ingredients, the formulation of this gentle cleanser is a real standout. It comes out of the bottle as a powder, but upon the addition of water it becomes an effervescent foam that tickles your skin with little bubbles.

This cleanser delivers softer, more radiant skin in an instant thanks to a combination of dead-cell-dissolving enzymes and natural seeds that gently exfoliate without scratching or irritating the skin. The powder also packs a powerful brightening punch courtesy of multiple vitamin C-rich ingredients, including lemon and lime extracts, Brazilian acerola and the skincare staple ascorbic acid. NUDE managed to coat each and every grain of this powder-based wash with omega-rich oils that help hydrate and strengthen the skin as it washes away makeup, oil and anything else you do not want on your skin.

And, of course, there are the aforementioned probiotics, which help balance, protect and soothe the skin, which sounds pretty similar to what they’ve been proven to do for tummies. (And if you’re one of the millions of women who deal with gastric distress, you best check out my new blog, IBS Is Not BS.)

And with the holiday season fast approaching, this cleanser’s detox benefits put it at the top of my skincare wish list!

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