Quench your hair's thirst once and for all!

I’ve been talking a lot about my newly-platinum-hair’s endless need for hydration lately, but the fact is that most everyone’s hair could use some extra moisture. And with not that much summer left, odds are salt, chlorine and extra sun have taken a toll, making your strands more stressed than usual. I’m a proponent of proper hair care all year round, but I’m willing to bet you could use a little help from Ecru New York’s Acacia Protein Masque and Protein BB Cream right about now.

Packed with proteins derived from the acacia plant, this dynamic duo replenishes and repairs dry hair with nourishing proteins derived from the acacia plant. I’ve been using the masque for a few weeks now, and as far as texture goes, you’d never know that I bleached all of the color out of my hair (before putting a buttery-blonde hue back) thanks to the sunflower seed and grape seed oils, shea butter and marine extracts.

The BB Cream has come in particularly handy, especially since I’ve basically stopped blowdrying my hair altogether. Now I can shower before bed and put some of this styling/hydrating lotion in my hair come morning to help coax it into good-messy (not bed-heady) place. In addition to the aforementioned proteins, this lightweight yet effective product also contains silk amino acids along with jojoba and monoi oils to soften, smooth and even protect hair from further damage. Used on wet or dry hair, it’s a surefire way to treat and tame your mane at the same time!

Getting a natural makeup look has never been easier—no brushes required

Get dirty in the same of smooth, soft skin