The incredible strand-smoother we discovered by accident

It’s been an interesting few weeks around our house… We started the month sans refrigerator in the kitchen thanks to a blown motherboard (Sex and the City reference, anyone?), and this week I find myself trekking upstairs to the guest bathroom to shower as we await the arrival of an extension pipe for our showerhead. So naturally I had to stock the bathroom with some new and exciting products to numb the pain, and among the first new additions was the Ecru New York Travel Hair Dryer, which I’m sure our guests will appreciate in the years to come. But upon opening the box I found an extra treat inside, and the Silk Nectar Serum may be one of the best surprises ever.

Since going platinum, there’s no such thing as too much moisture, and I can literally apply an overnight treatment multiple times a day without my hair getting all greasy. I first tried this serum on dry hair—using just a few drops and concentrating on my ends—and I couldn’t believe the instant improvement. It restored the shine and softness to my overstressed strands and I simply couldn’t believe my luck. Then last night, I used it on wet hair before blowdrying, and my post-styling strands were possibly silkier than they were before I bleached every last drop of color out of my hair. 

This amazing serum even does more than rejuvenate lackluster locks… The silk proteins, vitamin E and safflower oil also work to reinforce the hair while providing much-needed protection from further damage caused by heat and UV rays. And if you’re an exfoliation junkie like me, you’ll appreciate the cayenne pepper extract that serves as a scalp-slougher, which helps promote healthy hair growth. I just hope it doesn’t stimulate growth so much that my roots grow in faster.