Save time in the morning and support breast cancer awareness

I’m all about making the most of my time in the morning. Between preparing breakfast and lunch, making sure my son has matching socks on, applying his sunscreen and doing his hair (all before 7am), I have very little time to get myself out of PJs and into normal clothes. Showering the night before really streamlines my morning routine, so the only thing I really need to do with my hair is throw some dry shampoo in it and coax it into place. Since this is such a staple (and I try to limit hair washing to twice a week), I blow through it like nobody’s business, and I’ve added Bumble and bumble’s Pink Cap Pret-A-Powder to my must-try list.

I prefer a non-aerosol dry shampoo, and this one does a heck of a lot more than soak up oil and refresh your ‘do. When used correctly (i.e. sprinkled on the roots and massaged in) it delivers a volume boost that will make people think you just washed and styled. Even more, Bumble and bumble is donating $5 from every bottle sold to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is why this now occupies the top spot on my aforementioned must-try list.

So if you always find yourself short on time in the morning, this product will save you a significant chunk of time—and perhaps save a life from breast cancer.

You’ve never seen a foundation brush like this…