You’ve never seen a foundation brush like this…

Just about every beauty company jumps on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month bandwagon (for good reason) but most of them put an existing product in a pink package rather than creating something completely new. It Cosmetics falls into the later category, and they’ve served up a foundation brush unlike any I’ve ever seen before because it’s shaped like a heart!

If you don’t have at least one It Cosmetics makeup brush, you’re really missing out because they are all amazing (I have 4 of them.) For this year’s BCA month they’ve added the limited edition Live Beauty Fully, Love is the Foundation Brush (available exclusively at Ulta), and it features the super-soft bristles their brushes have become known for in an incredibly adorable heart shape. Designed for use with liquid, powder and cream foundations, it has a domed head and (of course) a pink handle. I have the double-ended concealer brush and I’m here to tell you, it buffs and blends like a dream for a flawless finish.

So if you don’t have an It Cosmetics brush in your kit, this is the perfect one to start your collection with because for every brush purchased, the company is donating a brush to Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps women deal with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

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