Brush away breast cancer

To be completely honest, I’ve had the same hairbrushes for YEARS. Yes, I clean them periodically, but this is one class of beauty tools I don’t ever shop for—until I have to. See, my now-7-year-old son was playing around in my bathroom when I was playing around with makeup over the weekend. He decided that his hair needed a little brushing and of course my paddle brush slipped out of his hand and the handle broke off upon impact with the tile floor. And just like that, I was in the market for a new paddle brush.

I hopped online to find a replacement, and being the huge BCA proponent I am, I was thrilled to find GHD’s Limited Edition Vintage Pink Paddle Brush. Exactly what I need (and nothing more or nothing less), it’s now on its way to me as we speak. And the fact that $2 from each brush sold goes to Look Good Feel Better (which helps cancer patients deal with the appearance-related side effects of treatment) eliminates the chance of buyer’s remorse.

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