Single servings of nail polish let you try before you buy!

If you’re that girl who hates to repeat a polish as much as repeating an outfit, this new nail offering was made just for you! Sephora has officially changed the mani/pedi game with the introduction of their Formula X Press Pods and beyond giving you 24 shades that allow you to wear a different shade each time you polish for up to 6 months, they’re also a great way to try a color before buying the full-size (because let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually finished an entire bottle?).

Whoever the selected the colors for this set did an amazing job… The hues run the gamut from classic red and pale pink to trendy brights and metallic, so it’s easy to match your mani to your mood or ensemble. And they’re easy to use, too. Just twist the cap until you hear a pop, rub the brush between your fingers to soften the bristles, and squeeze the pod until the brush is coated with polish. Then paint your digits as usual and enjoy just the right amount for 10 fingers or toes. Just keep in mind that once open, the pod must be used because it’s not resealable and the polish will dry out.

Which color would you try first?

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