Yes, you should try Revlon's new scented nail polish

The nail category is blowing up these days, and I’m not even talking about new colors and indie brands… Long-lasting gel manis now let us go an extra week between appointments, and novel textures allow us to have a little extra fun. As a certified (and certifiable) beauty junkie, I was so excited about Revlon’s new Parfumerie Scented Nail Lacquer that I hightailed it to CVS to see—and smell—it for myself.

Each of the gorgeous 24 shades in this collection has a different scent, and I narrowed my selection process down by color first. I ultimately chose “China Flower” because it’s such a lovely red, and yes, this polish has a decidedly Oriental fragrance. I promptly opened the bottle and took a whiff, and although I could get a sense of the scent, there was no getting past the smell of the polish itself—but keep reading. When I actually sat down to give myself a polish change, I couldn’t believe that I only needed one coat to get smooth, even color. (One point for Revlon.) Once it dried down a bit, I wafted my fingers under my nose, and alas, China Flower! (Another point for Revlon.) The scent only stuck around for a day or so, but that was long enough for me to catch myself smelling my fingers many, many times. (Be conscious of this, because you might not want to get caught sniffing your digits over and over in public, as this could be misconstrued.) Although the smell faded, the color lasted four days until my manicure appointment without a chip in sight. (Yet one more point.) Couple all of this with a wallet-friendly price point, and you get a real winner that’s well worth picking up on your next run to the drugstore or supermarket!

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