Taking off nail polish has never been neater

We’ve all been there at some point… For some reason or another, it’s necessary to fix the polish on just one nail, and all that messy remover does a number on the rest of your otherwise perfect manicure. As soon as we learned about ASP’s Manicure Saver Cotton Claw, the first thing we thought was, We should have thought of that, and then we actually needed it, and it’s an absolute godsend.

So last week we were Crazy Gluing one of our son’s toys, and wouldn’t you know it got all over our hands. That day also happened to be manicure day, so we just knew that we were asking for trouble—but then we remembered we had the Cotton Claw! This pen-like tool features a wire “claw” on the end to hold you cotton ball, so your fingernails don’t come in contact with the remover. Thanks to the claw, we were able to get all the Crazy Glue off without even smudging a smidgen of a nail. So simple yet so smart, and so essential for any woman who wears nail polish (and wants to keep her manicure intact).

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