When you overdo the dry shampoo...

As the saying goes, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing—and dry shampoo is one of them. We love it because it gives us the messy, piecey look we love, and of course it saves us time by letting us wash and style our hair only two or three times a week. But the downside (especially when we try to go one day longer than we really should) is getting it all out. We usually need to shampoo twice (which as we know isn’t the best thing for our color), but not anymore, now that we have Psssst! Clarify & Shine Scalp Treatment.

When you spray it on before you step into the shower, it works to dissolve all that dry shampoo (and other styling products) so you don’t subject your strands to too much shampoo. The targeted spray nozzle gets it down to your scalp, then after treating yourself to a little head massage, everything washes away easily. You’ll be surprised to see how much shinier your hair is after all that gunk is gone—and this treatment also has ginger, nettle and provitamin B5 to give your hair follicles, as well as your hair’s strength a boost!

Taking off nail polish has never been neater