Skincare even the most sensitive skin will love

I’m blessed to have pretty resistant skin… I can basically use anything without getting red or irritated (breakouts are a different story). But I know a lot of gals who have a hard time finding products that don’t make their skin freak out, and for all you, meet Everclen (pronounced Everclean—but I can’t figure out how to get that horizontal line over the “e,” which you should know is called a macron). 

This natural, vegan line is free of all the major irritants, including soap, fragrance, parabens, gluten, phthalates, petroleum, colors, DEAs, mineral oil, formaldehyde, GMOs and sodium lauryl sulfate, so you can basically use any and all of the products without fear. In the place of these nasties you get calming botanicals (aloe, green tea and lavender flower extracts; conditioning grapeseed, jojoba and safflower seed oils;nourishing allantoin, beta glucan and bisabolol; and gentle coconut-derived cleansing ingredients.

I had to chance to sample the Facial Cleanser, which worked just as well (if not better) than my usual potentially irritating cleanser. I got lots of foam, it washed completely away, and it left my skin feeling hydrated and comfortable.  After cleansing I applied the Face Cream, which also exceeded my expectations. Just a small amount quenched my skin’s thirst, absorbed quickly and helped my skin stay plump and dewy all day. This line also includes a toner, eye cream, hand cream and body cream, so it’s safe to say it has sensitive skin covered from head to toe.

So to all my sensitive-skinned friends, you’re welcome!

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