Skincare so good, you won't believe it's natural

It’s rare to find a high-quality, easy-to-use skincare regimen that’s one-size-fits-all (for skin types, that is). So when I do, I feel it’s my duty to spread the word, and you’re surely going to want to listen up about M. Steves!


The brainchild of Mally Steves Chakola—who, for the record, is amazingly sweet and gorgeous—this line is built around rose hip seed oil (RSHO), and its amazing skin benefits. M. Steves’ RHSO is sourced from the mountains of South America, and its high levels of omegas, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds is a godsend for your skin. These fatty acids and natural skin protectors nourish cells, stave off damage and lock in moisture for skin improvement you’ll see after just one use. Trust me. 

The star of the line is the RHSO Power-Packed Ultra-Nourishing Boost, and this oil-based serum can be used in myriad ways. On its own, mixed in with moisturizer, added to sunscreen (for added antioxidant protection), after sun exposure, or anytime for that matter, you’ll see increased skin firmness, density and hydration in an instant. Ideal for aging skin, discoloration, scars, stretch marks and more, this multitasking skin saver can be used by all skin types from head to toe.

I had the opportunity to try 4 of the line’s 5 products, and I was equally impressed with the RHSO Power-Packed Purifying Cleanser. A cleanser and toner in one (hooray for saving time!), this aloe-based wash leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, even without suds. Citrus essential oils lend a pleasant fruity scent, and for those who prefer a milkier or creamier cleanser, a pump of the Ultra-Nourishing Boost does the trick. I was also astonished at how easy it was to remove my eye makeup with it.

As far as moisturizers go, it doesn’t get much better than the RHSO Power-Packed Multi-Benefit Moisturizer. Even without adding the Ultra-Nourishing Boost, it’s revives dull, dry, sallow skin, leaving it with a gorgeous youthful glow. Lightweight, fast absorbing and majorly hydrating, this cream is truly a treat for your skin.

Last, and certainly not least, the RHSO Power-Packed Reviving Exfoliator is insane. Offering three modes of exfoliation in 1 jar, first it acts a physical scrub thanks to microderm-esque corundum crystals and walnut shell powder. Then you apply another layer like a mask and let the glycolic acid and fruit enzymes do their dead-cell loosening and dissolving jobs. The base of this exfoliator also contains Dead Sea Mud to draw out impurities for maximum results in minimum time. Used once a week (I recommend using it before showering and washing your hair so you’re sure not to leave any particles behind). You’ll like the invigorating tingle and LOVE how soft, smooth and glowy your skin is after you wash it off.

Oh, did I mention the line is natural and free of GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic ingredients? It’s hard to believe, because this stuff is that good!

M. Steves is available in a handful of retailers around the country, but there’s another way to get your hands on these products… The company offers a direct sales program (don’t worry, recruiting others isn’t part of the deal, unlike another direct sales model you’ve no doubt heard about) that allows “Boosters” to make commission on the products they sell. For more information, email

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