Remove every last trace of lipstick without stripping lips of moisture

I couldn’t live without bold lip color, but I could definitely live without the rubbing and scrubbing it sometimes takes to get it off. This is most problematic when I’m out and about all day, and I have no other option than taking it all off and starting fresh (this usually occurs around 3pm). If I attempt to remove lingering color with a tissue or baby wipe, the result is usually some redness and rouge color around my lips—but not anymore.

Bite Lush Lip Wipes are a savior in this situation… Yes, they remove stubborn color, but they also condition and replenish lips while they’re at it. They also mattify the lips, making reapplication easy and even, as if it’s the first time you’re putting on lipstick for the day. The gentle wipes are packed with melon extract, manuka honey, resveratrol and other natural ingredients (all of Bite’s products are technically safe to eat, but I’m not recommending you do) that preserve your lips’ natural moisture so you’re always ready pucker up or take a selfie—or both

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