Tackle dark under-eye circles without breaking the bank

Back in March, I fell head over heels for Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller, and it became a staple in my morning makeup routine. Between the cooling sensation, puff reduction and slight coverage, it was an easy way to look like I got more sleep than I really did. Then, in a stroke of fate, Garnier introduced the new B.B. Eye Miracle Skin Perfector as my supply started to dwindle. I promptly hit CVS to scoop one up, and let’s just say this was one of the highlights of last week.

Featuring the same rollerball applicator with a squeezy tube (instead of hard plastic), you get the same cool feel that sends excess fluid on its way. This formula has a leg up on its predecessor for a few reasons… One, it offers more coverage thanks to mineral pigments that even out discoloration on contact (which is much appreciated). It also contains Haloxyl, an advanced peptide-based ingredient that actually works to prevent the accumulation of the red and blue pigments that cause dark circles to begin with. And the hydrating ingredients help plump up skin (and fine lines) so I’m literally bright-eyed (though not so bushy-tailed) each and every morning. This skincare-concealer hybrid has staying power, too, though I find myself touching-up midday for a little eye-area pick-me-up. All in all, I give this new product 5 stars, and the fact that it only costs $12.99 is a major bonus.

What’s your fave for covering/improving dark circles?

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