Smooth, soft skin with less hair? We're in!

Who isn’t waging war against unwanted hair somewhere? Sure, laser hair removal has been a game-changer (well, not for us because it didn’t work), but odd are you still have to deal with stubble whether you shave, wax, pluck, sugar or thread. We’ll try anything on our quest for long-lasting skin smoothness, and our new weapon is Completely Bare’s Don’t Grow There Body Balm.

The way we look at it, we’re using moisturizer on our legs anyway, so why not opt for a formula that helps minimize hair growth, too? This freshly scented hydrator has a rich, thick texture that absorbs quickly and leaves skin super-soft—and contains a trio of plant extracts that reduces the density and length of hair regrowth. Now, we’ve only used it a few times so obviously we haven’t noticed a difference (yet), but we’ll be using it regularly over the winter in hopes that we’ll see less hair by spring. Just keep in mind you’re supposed to use it twice a ay (we’re trying our hardest to comply), and that’s a pretty easy task if that means silky-smooth legs for days.

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