Speed bruise healing and rejuvenate skin at once!

I’m a big bruiser… The slightest bump into a piece of furniture, leaning into the car for too long (when I’m strapping my son into his booster seat) or the occasional drunken spill leaves a black-and-blue that can linger for weeks. I always have arnica cream on hand and it definitely helps, but DerMend’s Moisturizing Bruise Formula speeds up the healing process AND gives surrounding skin an anti-aging boost, no matter where bruises pop up.


This innovative product contains a heck of a lot more than arnica and vitamin K, which have been proven to improve the appearance of bruises. It’s also packed with retinol to improve fine lines and discoloration, alpha hydroxy acid to smooth skin texture, ceramides to lock in moisture and niacinamide for antioxidant benefits. The result? A targeted treatment that cures a host of beauty woes.

For those of us who turn to injections to turn back the clock (or at least pause it), this cream is a lifesaver. When applied to injection sites, it keeps telltale bruising to minimum so no one is the wiser. I actually gave this product to a friend’s mom a few weeks ago, and though she’s been a big bruiser in the past, there was no evidence of her dermatological intervention.

Needless to say, this cream now resides in my post-injection kit (yes, I have a post-injection kit). Between the DerMend, bromelain and Bausch + Lomb TheraPearl Eye Mask, there’s no reason to fear the needle!