Sunscreens designed for your kind of fun in the sun

All of us here at I.B.B. hope you had a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend, and that no one got burned (by the sun, at least). Odds are a few of you forgot to slather on the SPF—or failed to reapply after swimming or every two hours—and we’re also willing to bet that you might have busted out last year’s sunscreen only to realize it expired. So before you run to the drugstore for next weekend’s SPF essentials, check out the latest from Coppertone.

If you’re one of those who still isn’t sure just how much SPF you need, the new ClearlySheer line of sunscreens says it right on the bottle. For “Sunny Days” you get SPF 15 for body and SPF 30 for face, and for “Beach & Pool” you get SPF 50—and each is available in lotions and sprays. These lightweight sunscreens won’t clog pores, cause breakouts or irritate sensitive skin, and they are water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Since they smell fresh and feel great on the skin, you might even think you’re using your regular skincare products instead of applying sunscreen. Oh, and they absorb fast so you can strip down, slather them on and start having some fun in the sun!

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