The latest LashBlast mascara will blow your mind

As far as drugstore mascaras go, there’s no need to look any further than one of CoverGirl’s LashBlast offerings. In fact, I truly believe these formulas give prestige mascaras a run for their money as well. So when I got the chance to test drive the newest version, The Super Sizer, I was all over it.

You’ve never seen a mascara wand like this one, and you’ll need to retrain yourself a bit to apply it the correct way. See, there’s a flat side that gets right into the base of the lashes, which delivers a nice tightlining effect. Then instead of brushing the wand up your lashes like you’re used to, you twirl the wand as it goes up so the short bristles can deposit color and the longer bristles act like a comb. The result: Major definition, separation and elongification. I’m obsessed.

And with a wallet-friendly price of less than $7, you really don’t have an excuse not to try it. Right?