The only name you need to know when it comes to conditioner

When a haircare line is still going strong after 50 years, it’s usually because they do one thing, and do it rather well. This is the case with the Italian conditioner brand, Terax, and if you haven’t tried it, your hair probably isn’t as soft and smooth as it could be.

I was introduced to Terax about 15 years ago, and I still think about their cult favorite Original Crema Conditioner. And just when I thought it couldn’t do a better job at hydrating and smoothing my way over-processed strands, Terax goes ahead and kicks it up a notch with the addition of keratin to help fill in those damage-induced nooks and crannies on each and every strand. The latest addition to the Terax family, Original Crema with Keratin is made just for damaged hair, and no matter how far gone your coif may be, you’ll see softer, shinier, stronger hair that looks and feels amazing.

Terax serves up leave-in conditioners, too, and I recently had the opportunity to try them. Since my hair needs all the moisture it can get, I’m loving the Life Drops, which are formulated with silk and wheat proteins that repair damage, protect with antioxidants and help increase the staying power of your color. The newest offering is the Shine leave-in, and it features slow-release molecules that work to increase shine and reduce frizz for 24 hours. And for those whose hair is on the healthier side of the spectrum, the Hydrate leave-in contains a blend of natural botanicals that give your hair a little extra TLC (because it deserves it).

The biggest news is that Terax has a line of styling and finishing products in the works, and I can’t wait to see what they are. If they’re even half as good as Terax’s conditioners, all of our strands are poised to be in great shape!

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