The perfect everyday lipgloss

Despite having loads of brightly colored glosses, lipsticks and chubby lip pencils, I always have a basic, neutral gloss on hand for when I need to swipe and go (or I’m just not in the mood). My last one was a sparkly pale pink Dior Addict gloss, but I found myself on the hunt for a new one after my car ate it last week (and I was kind of happy this happened because the glitter in that gloss was a bit irritating to my list). So while I was hoofing it up and down Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in search of an anniversary present for the hubs, I popped into Neimans and headed to the Chanel counter.

I originally reached for a shade similar to the Dior (I was really into the summer shades, but the makeup artist told me they’re as close to clear as it gets), so she steered me to the “Tocade” shade. At first glance it looked like an opaque plum—not what I was thinking—but after trying it I was pleasantly surprised. It lends a sheer tint that’s almost like a light stain, and it makes more of a statement than a light almost-clear gloss without coming across as too “made up.”

I’m liking this gloss so much that I hope my car doesn’t get hungry again—and I’ll be super-careful about tucking it back in my bag when applying on the go!