This hair mask is major

If you don’t believe that a stressful event can take a toll on your tresses, I’m here to tell you it really can. Over the past few weeks, my hair has starting breaking like crazy—despite the fact that I’ve been platinum with no problems for over a year. A nice little Alfalfa-like patch (that’s a Little Rascals reference that anyone under the age of 35 probably won’t get) where my head meets my pillow is a telltale sign that it’s time to bust out the big guns—and I am religiously Olaplex-ing once a week. In between, I’ve swapped out regular conditioner for MarulaOil’s Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque (by Paul Mitchell) and I notice a major difference already.

Designed specifically for dry, dull, damaged and/or unruly hair, this super-hydrating mask whips your hair back into shape pronto. Marula oil is a bit different than other more common oils because it contains an insane amount of nutrients yet has a lightweight texture—which means it won’t make your hair greasy. And in addition to the instant surge of smoothing you get, this mask also contains MarulaSpheres that release more moisture and antioxidants over time. Just one use transformed my hair from fragile and fuzzy to smooth and somewhat stronger—but I’m still paranoid I might need a mini-toupee on my semi-bald spot.

What’s better than summer makeup?