This new bronzer has an amazing unexpected twist

I’ve been having a blast testing out the goodies I got in my Cosmetic Executive Women 2014 Product Demo gift bag, and the extra $90 I spent to get to lug this thing home (and the extra $75 to check an extra suitcase on the flight home) was worth every penny. I’ve already found a handful of new favorites for my lips, my face and my body, but I’ve been even more impressed with the makeup that’s in the running for this year’s awards. And although the cosmetics in most gift bags tend to be not-so-wearable (or not-so-popular) shades, but CEW doesn’t roll like that, and the newest bronzer in my makeup drawer is Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer.

I received the “Maldives” shade, and at first glance I thought it would be way too dark for my complexion—but I was wrong. Though deeper than I’d usually choose on my own, I found this glimmering powder goes on light, and you can build the color with a few extra sweeps. But the gorgeous glow isn’t even my favorite part. Upon opening the compact, you’re greeted with a light, coconut scent that instantly evokes the feeling of a tropical vacation. And this little extra touch is how Buxom got my vote for best Face Product Prestige!