This palette takes the guesswork out of creating your spring makeup look

Spring is all about lightening up… It’s time to say bye-bye to layers of clothing and hello to fresh, new makeup, but between all the trends floating around out there it can be hard to zero in on a look. My advice: Start with natural and simple, and then you can always add on from there.

Pixi Beauty’s new Book of Beauty—Minimal Makeup is the perfect place to start, and it has everything you need for a subtle, barely-there yet polished and pretty look. Featuring two highlighters for effortless radiance, two cheek shades for a bit of bronziness and a healthy flush, and four eye colors that can be mixed and matched, this palette has you covered. And you get all of this for just $24.

So now that your makeup look is taken care of, you have more time (and money!) to focus on your wardrobe!

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