Treat yourself to a 24K gold mask because you deserve it!

I got the ultimate delivery a few weeks ago from Adore Cosmetics… This package of eye serum, eye cream and a box of gold gel masks was just what the doctor ordered after the week I was having, and the overflowing sense of luxury made it even better. With such a high-end feel, I was actually surprised to learn that the brand is all about organic ingredients, and this fact makes me like these goodies even more!


Since I was in dire need of some pampering, I wasted no time before slapping on the amazing Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask… It’s infused with 24k gold, and it’s a lot more than pretty. If you’re wondering why this is good for your skin, there’s evidence that shows it helps promote the electrical balance of your skin, and that’s a good thing. Apparently gold also helps escort oxygen to the cells, which promotes cellular renewal and potentially slows the production of pigment—so if you’re seeking a more even-toned complexion, this mask can help you get it. Beyond the gold, you also get plant stem cells for an overall rejuvenating effect, and lavender to give your skin a naturally-derived boost.


The first time I tried it, I fell in love with how incredibly insane my skin looked and felt. My face was soft, smooth and (dare I say) practically lineless. The first time my mom tried it, she fell in love with it, too. She kept saying “This feels so good, this feels so good.” (I probably would have said the same thing but after 12 years, I’ve learned that my husband doesn’t really appreciate my verbal product progress reports.) Then came the question I was hoping she wouldn’t ask: “Do you have any extras for me?” I reluctantly handed off two of them because she deserves a little beauty boost, too. (Who doesn’t?)

With all this said, if your budget allows you to apply gold to your face for a short spell (rather than wearing it long-term on your neck, wrist or ears), I say go for it! The soft, smooth, radiant, rejuvenated skin is well worth the price tag. And now excuse me… I think I’ll go put on another one.

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