The most beautiful sheet mask ever made

Sheet masks have become a skincare staple. They’re great because they’re less messy than products that come in a tube or jar, and you can find them for just a few bucks at the drugstore and Sephora. But let’s face it, they look pretty scary once they’re on (and my son and husband can attest to that). Have you ever wished you could get a luxurious, nourishing sheet mask that looks tres chic? Well you can with Givenchy’s Le Soin Face Mask.

Is this not the most beautiful mask you’ve ever seen? The gorgeous lace is infused with a creamy concentrate that contains black algae sap concentrate to restore, renew and reverse visible signs of aging. Your skin is left radiant, hydrated and plump—and you look pretty fabulous in the process.

At $330 for a package of four, this is definitely a splurge, but we’re worth it, right?

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