This peel-off mask reveals healthy, radiant skin

Few beauty products are as gratifying as a peel-off mask. From the tightening sensation as the mask dries to the pleasure I get peeling it (and all those dead skin cells) off, it’s as good as it gets in my beauty book. But as we all know, all peel-off masks are not created equal, and sometimes you’re left with a big old mess that requires a good amount of effort to get off. But not Hey Honey’s Take it Off… As you can see below, this marvelous mask came off in one fell swoop—while I was sitting in front of my computer.

Beyond its instant yet non-irritating exfoliating effect (when you peel it off after 15 minutes), the Hey Honey mask also moisturizes with honey extract as it nourishes the skin with propolis, which has been used for its medicinal and healing properties since just about forever. (Here’s another blog about other products that contain this good-for-your-skin ingredient.) The mask also contains alpha hydroxy acids to promote the exodus of those dull, dead cells.

Are you into peel-off masks? What are your favorites?