Use the products you have in place of the ones you don't

Here at IBB, we want to do more than just tell you about new products… We’ve picked up countless tips and tricks over the years, and we feel it’s our duty to make the world a more beautiful place by sharing all of the insider information we have tucked away in our brain. One topic we speak to dermatologists about over and over is little-known uses for common products you probably already have, and this little cheat sheet can help you save both time and money…

Product: Conditioner

We bet we’re not the only ones who have a few extra almost-empty bottles of conditioner in the shower. Instead of tossing them, you can minimize waste by using conditioner instead of shaving cream. Your razor will glide over your skin effortlessly, and leave skin moisturized afterwards.

Product: Olive oil

When we’re in the kitchen and too lazy to walk into our bathroom for lip balm, we use a dab of olive oil instead. Olive oil also works great as a cuticle moisturizer, and you can even add it to your bath for extra skin softening.

Product: Baby wipes

We used to blow through baby wipes like no one’s business, but now that our son is almost 5 we can’t seem to finish the big box we bought as Costco. That’s why we use them to remove makeup. So no, there’s no need to buy pricey makeup remover towelettes. (We recommend using an unscented version on your face.)

Product: Baby shampoo

We have extra baby shampoo, too, and it makes for a great cleanser that’s gentle on the skin. We also use it to wash our makeup brushes.

Product: Clay or sulfur-based masks

Our skin needs a purifying mask from time to time, and you can use these pore-purging products as a spot treatment for blemishes, too. Just dab a little on breakouts before bed and we bet you’ll see improvement by morning.

Products: Foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen

No tinted moisturizer on hand? No problem. You can make your own customized tinted moisturizer by combining a little foundation, a little moisturizer and a little sunscreen. And you can throw in a little liquid highlighter if your skin needs a little extra glow.

Products: Foundation and bronzing gel

Let’s say you go on a tropical vacation and you get a little tan. (Or you start using self-tanner and your usual foundation doesn’t match your faux glow.) Add a dash of bronzing gel to your usual foundation to make it a little darker.