Where no BB cream has gone before...

What did we do before BB cream? I suppose we walked around wearing makeup instead of wearing a cream that made our skin look better both instantly and over time as it provides environmental protection that helps stave off signs of aging. Until recently, BB creams were pretty much all about our faces, then Jergens gave us one for our bodies (it’s a really great product, BTW, and there’s a new one with SPF!). Well, Jergens is at it again, and you best be getting your mitts on the BB Hand.

Before I extoll the virtues of this fantastic product, a bit of advice… When you’re applying your facial skincare, be sure to rub any extra you may have on your palms onto the backs of your hands. This skin is prone to aging, and odds are you’re not applying sunscreen to this area each day. (You’re welcome.)

Back to the BB Hand, and why you need it…

  1. SPF to protect against the sun damage that leads to age spots, crepey skin and the thinning of the skin that makes veins visible.
  2. Long-lasting moisture that rivals your favorite hand cream.
  3. Smoother skin from the second you apply it.
  4. Instant blurring of any age spots you might already have.
  5. Ingredients that minimize skin discoloration over time.

Since you probably have a hand cream (or 5) already, I suggest adding this to the rotation. And at about $7, you’ll have extra money for a manicure so you can show off your beautiful hands!

It's time to get rolling!