Yes, a cleansing kit is a great gift

With a jam-packed social schedule from now through New Year’s, we’re all going to be wearing a lot of makeup—which means that we’ll have a lot to take off. While you may be thinking, I’d never get someone cleanser as a holiday gift, I suggest reconsidering. Gift-giving is all about treating someone to something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, and Verso’s Cleansing Combo (limited edition for holiday) makes washing up a luxurious, almost indulgent experience.

Featuring Korean skincare technology via Sweden (interesting combination, I know), Verso is Latin for reverse (which explains the inverted numbers on the packaging). The line is big on retinol to help restore the skin to its healthiest state—and this foaming cleanser helps whisk away dull, dead skin cells, and makeup of course. But the real treat is the package of 3 muslin cloths that come in this kit (because you always need a backup when one or two are in the laundry). Better than a plain-old washcloth, a muslin cloth gives the skin a little extra exfoliation—and helps make sure you get every last trace of makeup off your face at the end of the day (or night).

This holiday bundle saves you $9, and if your gift recipient was extra nice this year, I recommend the anti-aging Travel Series as well. The perfect way to experience Verso’s day and night creams (and foaming cleanser), perhaps you should pick one up for yourself while you’re shopping!

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