2 UltraShape treatments down, 1 to go!

My UltraShape saga continues, and so far so good! I had my second treatment at Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology two weeks ago and it went exactly like the first one minus the pre-session poking, prodding and measuring. Once I was taped up and on the table, Sonia asked if I saw a difference and my honest answer was, “Maybe.” Truth be told, I thought my stomach looked a little less puffy, and it’s possible the waistband of my pants felt a bit looser. But I wasn’t 100% sure. Sonia then told me that most people see a difference after the second treatment, and she was right.

Four days after treatment #2, I TOTALLY saw results. Don’t ask me how or why, but my stomach is DEFINITELY flatter. And once I realized the UltraShape was really working, I was practically walking around in shock for the rest of the day.

Sonia also gave me a few pointers for getting the most out of my UltraShape treatments. At my first visit, she lifted up her shirt to show me her waist-trainer. She’s been wearing it since she got UltraShape and she swears that it helps accelerate the belly flattening. Perhaps it was a coincidence or perhaps it was fate that I got an email from Hourglass Angel that very day. I promptly responded and requested one. I lost a few days since I overestimated my svelteness by asking for an extra-small. Let’s just say there was no way it was EVER going to close. One week and a size small later, I’m wearing this a few hours a day, slowly but surely increasing the time until I can ultimately wear it all day. (BTW, it helps with my posture, too.)

Since Sonia said I’ll most likely need a few Venus Legacy treatments to tighten up my skin after the UltraShape, I decided to get a head start with a skin-tightening lotion. Since I don’t get my final measurements taken until four weeks after my third treatment, I have five weeks to see if StriVectin Body Tightening Cream helps out at all.

Stay tuned for an update after UltraShape treatment #3!