3 UltraShape treatments down, and now we wait!

I had my final UltraShape treatment at Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology a few weeks ago, and I am beyond shocked and thrilled at the results so far. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a virtually painless treatment could destroy the fat cells on my stomach and deliver such a visible difference so quickly. As I sit at my desk writing this post, I can literally feel the difference in my stomach. The waist of my pants is definitely looser, which makes for a lot more comfort when I’m working for hours on end.

Treatment number-three was no different than the first two, although I did feel a bit more heat simply because I now have less fat on my stomach. This treatment had more of a mental impact because the results have really kept me motivated to watch my diet—and the paranoia that I’m going to gain weight in my tush, thighs, arms (or some other unexpected area) definitely helps in that department as well. Now, I just need to wait a few more weeks for my final measurements and photos to be taken. I’m wondering if I’ll see even more improvement between now and then!

While I’ve been on this personal journey, I’ve been working on an UltraShape promotion project for my client, and one of the biggest parts of it thus far has been identifying the target demographics for UltraShape. One pretty broad one is at the top of the list: MEN. So ladies, if you’re reading this, and you think your significant other could benefit from a little fine-tuning for his physique, tell him about it! Whether he’s a Crossfit junkie that works on his abs endlessly, or naturally slim with a few pudgy pockets maybe he’d like to get rid of that stubborn fat, too! And as much as you may not want to brooch the topic of man-boobs—UltraShape is amazing for that. Think of it this way, most men want to look better naked as much as you do. (And we wouldn’t mind them looking a little better naked either, right?)

Stay tuned for the final installment of my UltraShape experience, when I’ll have photos and actual numbers to share… Are you as excited as I am?

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