Yes, you need a cleansing stick

Cleansers come in many forms… Gels, creams, balms, powders—and now sticks. Intrigued by this concept (I have yet to try it), I took a closer look at the much-buzzed-about and perpetually sold out SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick.

Hailing from Korea (as most new mind-blowing beauty products do), this solid stick cleanser is more than 90% natural and is packed with fermented damask rose extract. Upon closer inspection of the ingredient list, I found that it’s mostly comprised of essential oils (and free of fragrances, artificial colors and synthetic preservatives). To use it, you simply twist up about 1 centimeter of stick, and rub into onto wet skin in circular motions to create a lather that melts away dirt, grime and makeup without leaving skin tight and dry.

The biggest pro of this product is portability. You can fly with it in your carry-on thanks to its solid state and you can throw it in your gym bag without worrying about leaks. The online reviews are incredible, which means I’ll certainly be including this in my next Amazon order, since that’s one of the few places you can actually find it right now.

So tell us… Do you see yourself cleansing with a stick?

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