4 professional-grade facials in 1 box

At least once a week I have a spa night at home… These evenings usually coincide with some sporting event that my husband leaves the house to watch, so I always try to make the most of this time to myself. My DIY facials involve cleansing, exfoliating and some mask (or two) followed by mega-dose of hydration, and mixing and matching products is part of the fun. But I’m always a sucker for a step-by-step kit, and Bioelements Triple-Action, Rapid Resurfacing Facial Kit beyond exceeded my expectations.

The first step is by far the best, because it involves the Herbology Retexturizer. I was first introduced to these miracle pellets during a spa facial a few months ago—and I’ve been dreaming about them since. The granules are available exclusively to professionals (except as part of this kit) and I’m petitioning Bioelements to make this available to us consumers—they’re that amazing. You a half-scoop with 2 scoops of the Sensitive Skin Cleanser, then mix it up with the brush and apply to dry skin. As you massage them over your skin, they sound a bit like Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, pop) and then you wet your fingertips and massage some more. Upon contact with water, the granules begin to melt, and your exfoliation experience morphs from physical to chemical. After rinsing, you apply the acid-based Quick Refiner and allow it to dry (no rinsing necessary). Then, you top it all off with Absolute Moisture, touch your skin and wait for your jaw to drop. Your face will be that soft.

Each kit contains enough product to treat yourself 4 times, and at $45 for the box, it’s quite a bargain, too!

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