An eco-friendly alternative to tushie wipes (yes, tushie wipes)

Anyone who’s ever been to my house probably notices that I have a container of wet wipes in every one of my bathrooms. They aren’t baby wipes, they’re flushable tush wipes and there’s a reason (actually there are two). First, my six-year-old son likes to change things up, and he uses a different bathroom for his daily #2 each day—and us moms know how woefully inept children are at wiping themselves, if they even do it themselves. The second reason is I have IBS, and I’ll leave it at that. (If this subject matter is making you uncomfortable, feel free to stop reading and come back tomorrow.)

I never thought there was an alternative to the ginormous boxes of wipes that I’ve been buying at Costco forever—but there is. It’s called Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and it basically turns your regular toilet paper into a refreshing wipe. At first I was concerned that the scented sprays might burn or sting a tender tush but they only the slightest bit fragranced so it’s almost like using straight water (although this mist also features soothing aloe vera and vitamin E).

These mists have my wipes beat for a few reasons. First, I can throw a bottle in my bag because let’s face it, I never know when I’m going to have to go. Second, the bottles are more discreet than those plastic boxes that are sitting on the tops of my toilets right now. Third, I always feel guilty flushing those wipes. 

Aquinelle is available in four scents, Rainforest, Ocean Breeze, Island Mist and Citrus Burst (and for some reason this last one cracks me up—IBS humor). If you’re devoted/addicted to tushie wipes, give one of these a try!

Sometimes the simplest skincare product is the best