Sometimes the simplest skincare product is the best

I tend to be drawn to high-tech skincare, most likely because I think the more powerful it is, the more effective it will be. But, alas, I’ve come to learn that this isn’t always true. Case in point: Thermal and other specialty water mists. Though not a major skincare category, I’ve been using other facial mists for quite some time but I never really had the desire to work canned water into my regimen. And boy have I been missing out.

My interested was sparked by some writing work I’ve been doing for two well-known companies that are all about their water. I’ve had a chance to review some real clinical studies, and the claims are true… These special waters DO hydrate and soothe your skin. For real. Then I was pretty psyched that I had a can of Caudalie’s Organic Grape Water stashed away—and I promptly busted it out. (I was also excited to use it because I was pretty bummed out about finishing my Beauty Elixir.)

The first time I used it was after I zapped myself with Tria Beauty’s Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser (see… I am really into high-tech skincare). This fractional non-ablative laser leaves your skin slightly red and burning after use, and a light mist of the Grape Water soothed it instantly. It naturally contains hydrating polysaccharides, as well as mineral salts that nourish the skin.

After this experience I began using it more and more. Being that I work from home and make pitstops in my bathroom numerous times a day, I find myself treating myself to a little spritz just about every time. It’s unscented and the fine mist doesn’t really saturate my skin, so it doesn’t disturb any makeup I’m wearing—but it does revive it. And I have yet to have mascara running down my face by the end of the day.

There’s virtually no risk of irritation from this super-pure water, so it’s great for all skin types—and it’s especially good for sensitive types that need extra soothing. With fall, colder weather and less humidity headed our way, I highly suggest this product so you can mist your skin with extra moisture throughout the day. 

IBB Report Card: A+.

An eco-friendly alternative to tushie wipes (yes, tushie wipes)