An indie fragrance brand with a conscience

I’m all about supporting small fragrance houses (which is the mean reason I subscribe to Olfactif, a monthly sample box that sends me selections from boutique brands I may not otherwise come across). I love that these little-known scents make me feel like I’m in on some well-kept secret, so when I come across a line that gives back in one way or another I’m anxious to get a whiff. And if one of these brands offers a sandalwood scent, forget it, I’m all in—and that’s how I came to meet Nomad Two Worlds new “Raw Spirit” line.

Based in Australia, Nomad Two Worlds offers more than socially conscious scents. Poke around the site and you’ll find clothing, accessories, art and wonderful gifts that all give back to the artists. But for this post, we’ll focus on the Raw Spirit fragrances (natch), and here’s the scoop. Each of the scents features a star ingredient that is sustainably sourced, and proceeds from sales support various agricultural projects in different parts of the world. My favorite of the line is “Wild Fire,” and this delightfully unisex sandalwood scent’s notes are sourced in Australia thanks to the indigenous population. The line’s “Desert Blush” hails from Down Under as well. I also received a sample of “Citadelle,” and this zesty scent features vetiver from Haiti (as does Raw Spirit’s “Bijou Vert).

So if you’re a fan of fragrance, and like how it feels to support the little guys—and communities across the globe—I highly recommend you check out Nomad Two Worlds Raw Spirit and keep an eye out for six new scents over the next two years. And with spring approaching, there’s no better time to pick up a new scent!