Another hair care first from Living Proof

We know we’re not alone in our love for Living Proof… This high-tech hair care line has gone where no other styling products have gone before, offering everything from sleekness, shine, volume and staying power when other products literally leave hair falling flat. It just so happens that yesterday marked the launch of the line’s latest game-changer, PHD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, exclusively at Ulta.


First off, PHD stands for Perfect Hair Day (how lucky!), and this post-shower pre-styling treatment is poised to take the place of a handful of your current hair care products. It contains Living Proof’s proprietary molecules that deliver both smoothness and volume, which until now has eluded cosmetic chemists. Two years in the making, it also controls static (just in time for winter), reduces breakage, and provides heat and UV protection.

The Styling Treatment will be joined by a shampoo and condition in January—and if it’s good enough for a girl who’s known for perfect hair all the time (i.e. Jennifer Aniston), then it’s good enough for us!