Beautyblender had a baby!

What did we do before the Beautyblender was part of our life? We walked around with less-than-perfectly-blended foundation, that’s what. I’ve come to rely on this pink wonder sponge, and frankly, I didn’t think there was anything it couldn’t do. But apparently the brains behind Beautyblender wanted to offer a miniature version for smaller spots and additional precision—and this image shows you how the Micro.Mini’s size compares to the original.


Other than its dimensions, it’s the same Beautyblender you’ve come to love, and you’ll find oh-so many ways to use it. From blending foundation around the nose and eyes to applying highlighter to the bridge of your nose, tops of the cheekbones or beneath the brow bone, this is sure to become a staple in your makeup bag.

These cuties come in packs of 2, which means you can have one for foundation and one for highlighter (or anything else for that matter) without residue getting in the way of your end result.

Are you on the Beautyblender bandwagon yet? (If not, you should be!)