Clean (and dry) your makeup brushes like a pro

If you’re washing your makeup brushes regularly, kudos to you! But are you derailing your efforts by drying them incorrectly? If you’re standing them up to dry (brush end up), you’re committing a cardinal cosmetic sin, because the last thing you want is to have the water dripping down and compromising the glue that holds your brush together. Laying your wet brushes flat on a towel is better, but the best way to keep your brushes in tip-top shape is to use Sigma’s Dry’N Shape Tower.

This innovative tool essentially suspends your brushes in a downward position, and has elastic loops that ensure they dry in the best shape possible. The larger version holds 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes while the smaller one holds up to 48 eye brushes—and for your sake I hope you don’t have that many because it must take forever to wash all those!

When cared for properly, makeup brushes should last virtually forever—and if you’re investing in high-end tools, you best invest in this drying rack, too.

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