This is how to help your makeup brushes last longer

I bet you think you deserve a pat on the back for washing your makeup brushes every so often. Honestly, if I manage to tackle this not-so-difficult task once a month, I’m relatively proud of myself. I also thought I was doing the right thing by laying them flat on a towel to dry, since putting them back in their holder upright causes water to seep downward, in turn compromising the glue that holds them together. But alas, I was wrong, and there’s a better way to dry your brushes, and it turns out the Benjabelle Brush Tree is just what you need to keep your tools like new for a heck of a lot longer.

The concept behind this very cool-looking brush stand is simple: By drying them vertically off the counter, water is prevented from getting into the ferrule (which is the technical name for that piece of metal that helps secure the brush’s head to the handle). Another benefit of this stand is that it prevents flattening on the side of the brush that’s on towel. And if you’re space-conscious, you’ll be happy to know it folds flat for storage.

Available in white, black and pink, Benjabelle offers a few different sizes to accommodate your brush collection. The classic Brush Tree holds 14 large brushes or 42 skinny eye and lip brushes, while the Sunflower holds 4 large, 6 medium and 16 small brushes. There’s also the Daisy that fits 2 large, 4 medium and 8 small—which is probably the best one for non-professional makeup artists. You can also pick us a Spinner if you plan on using your brush tree for day to day storage, and you can even stow your sponges and other small products on the base.

So next time you take the time to wash your makeup brushes, remember that you could be doing better with a Benjabelle Brush Tree—and your brushes will thank you by sticking around for a lot longer.

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