Concerned about aging hands? Glove up!

I’ll bet you used no less than three anti-aging products on your face this morning, but what about your hands? If you happened to rub the extra product leftover from your face into the backs of your hands, kudos to you, but do you reapply sunscreen every time you wash your hands? Probably not. And if you’re a fan of long-lasting manicures that use UV light to cure the polish, are you applying sunscreen before sticking your hands under the lamps? Probably not.

All of this incremental UV exposure adds up—and we haven’t even mentioned the sun exposure your hands get from driving, sitting outside and outdoor sports… The result: Discoloration (aka liver spots), crepey skin texture and loss of fat that makes bones and veins ever so prominent. But it’s not too late to start protecting your hands and preventing them from revealing your true age, and that’s where Bloxsun comes in.

Committed to helping us shield our skin from damage in the most stylish way possible, these gloves join Bloxsun’s fabulous sun scarves, offering UPF 50 protection at times when you probably didn’t realize you need it (like when you’re waiting for the kiddos in carpool line). The nude color is discreet, and the little rubber nubbies make sure you always have a grip, no matter what you’re doing. And if you’re thinking about rejuvenating treatments or procedures for your hands (whether injectables, laser treatments or just a prescription to target those spots), think of these gloves as insurance for your investment.

We’re taking an informal poll… Are you concerned about visible signs of aging on your hands?

Charlotte Tilbury is here, Charlotte Tilbury is here!