Extra protection against heat damage

We put our hair through the ringer… Between super-blonde highlights, blow-drying and flat-ironing, it’s almost a miracle we still have hair on our head. Other than giving our strands a break and letting our hair air-dry once or twice a week and using a thermal protection spray (of course), we didn’t think there was much else we could do. But, alas, we were wrong, and we discovered yet another way to protect our tresses: KeruLuxe Smart Tape.

Here’s the scoop… You slap this heavy-duty Teflon-coated tape directly on your flat iron, and it eliminates uneven heat distribution that leads to “hot spots.” What’s the problem with hot spots, you ask? Too much heat in one area leads to damage, and none of us want that. Each set of tape can last from three to 12 months (depending on how often you flat-iron your hair), and it also makes it easier to remove product residue from the plates. Simply trim the tape to fit your flat iron, and replace it when you start to see dark spots. Trust us, your hair with thank you.

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