Give your color a boost between salon appointments

It never fails… One day my hair color is fine, and when I wake up the next it needs a little help. At that point, I’ll have to wait a week or so to get into the salon—but I don’t need to wait a week to get to CVS and pick up a box of John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss.

With six available shades that span the color spectrum (i.e. warm and cool blond, red, brunette and black), this weekly treatment ensures your color stays bright and vibrant until it’s time for your next appointment. Similar to the gloss your colorist uses in the salon (yes, there’s a reason for that step—they aren’t just trying to steal your money), this at-home treatment adds a touch of color and coats each and every strand for renewed shine.

Designed for weekly use (I’ll admit I don’t follow those frequency directions), all you have to do is wash and condition as usual, then apply the gloss and make sure it’s evenly distributed throughout all of your hair. Rinse out after 3 minutes, and voila! You just bought yourself a little more time before your next color appointment!