Brighten up your blonde with this hairspray

The only drawbacks of having super-blonde hair are the maintenance (obviously) and the fact that it’s a challenge to make it look shiny. I get a gloss after each and every color appointment, I apply an oil before blowdrying, and I use some sort of smoothing product after blowing, so it’s a little annoying when my hairspray undoes all my efforts and leaves my strands looking dull. But wouldn’t you know, I found a solution for this blonde problem, and it’s John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Shape & Shimmer Hairspray.

I love a flexible-hold hairspray because it helps keep my hair under control without looking or feeling like I actually used hairspray. Living in South Florida, this is a little trick I use to prevent frizz, but like I said, lackluster strands are an unfortunate side effect. This spray stands out from the pack because, as its name implies, it’s clear, so it doesn’t leave any dulling residue. Another advantage of this hairspray is the ultra-fine mist, which gives me an all-over veil of control without any stiffness or crunchy spots. And the fact that it only costs around $6—and it’s easy to find at your local drugstore or supermarket—makes it even better. So if you’re blonde and you want your hair to shine and last as long as you do tomorrow night, do yourself (and your strands) a favor with this hairspray.

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