Got a gorgeous faux glow with extra beauty benefits

There’s not much a gorgeous, golden glow can’t fix (at least in my book), but extra beauty benefits on top of natural-looking color makes things even better. And that’s exactly what you get when you try Hamptons Glow

Self-tanning sprays are nothing new, but I’ll clue you in on a little-known fact that I’ve heard repeatedly from dermatologists over the years. As the active ingredient in self-tanner produces that telltale bronze, it can generate free radicals—especially when exposed to UV light. This is no need for panic because stepping out your front door prompts the formation of free radicals. But you can minimize the damage free radicals can cause with extra antioxidants. And guess what? Hamptons Glow’s Antioxidant Sunless Mist comes with extra free radical protection built in, in the form of green and white tea extracts. So along with a beautiful (and safe) bronze, you get peace of mind, too.

One of my best friends and I have had a long-standing joke that “brown fat is better than white fat”—and this strictly based on appearance (and was way before scientists revealed that there are indeed fat-burning brown fat and hormone-producing white fat). Self-tanner proves our superficial mantra, as we all know that cellulite is less visible with a bottle bronze. Enter Hamptons Glow’s Tan, Tone and Tighten Self Tanning Crème and its two powerful peptides, which work to strengthen your skin’s elasticity and actually improve your cellulite over time as it camouflages it when color develops.

Self-tanning has come such a long way since a fake tan was synonymous with orange. Now you can get naturally looking color and a whole lot more—especially with Hamptons Glow!

This is like the Easy-Bake Oven for skincare…